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Limo Jon drove a limo for the first time in 1979 and that was years before any other limo driver in Nashville today. 99% of limo drivers drive as a part time job once or twice a month and cannot compare to Limo Jon in terms of knowledge and expertise. He always gives best price on limo rides.

At the behest of a cartel of high priced, large limo companies, local regulators created artificially high limousine service prices and legislated dozens of self employed limo drivers, out of business. Dozens of small limo operators, some who had their small businesses for 10 years, quietly sold their limos and went out of business.

The common wisdom says that you can't fight city hall, but that is exactly what Limo Jon did. He fought back by researching, drafting and filing a civil complaint, more commonly called a federal lawsuit, in US District Court. He and another competitor, Metro Livery, filed this lawsuit pro se (without a lawyer), in Federal Court, in Nashville, Tennessee. They asked for the rules targeting their small businesses to be thrown out and only for $1 in damages.

The largest non profit libertarian law firm in the nation begged to represent Limo Jon in this action, which has been commonly known in the national press coverage as the Nashville Limo Lawsuit. Many of the stupid rules were changed or abandoned during and after this lawsuit and Limo Jon continues to fight back against these small business killing rules to this very day.

We have an entire page of this website devoted to sharing more details of this fight. Just click on the link for NASHVILLE LIMO LAWSUIT to read some of the press coverage and other discussion of these egregious regulations. George Will was on our side and so was Forbes magazine and Cato Institute. We have links to video and articles from these and more!


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Who we are... A Limo For You and Limo Jon.

‚ÄčThere are many great activities to roll down Broadway in the limo like bachelorette parties. Limo rides in Nashville can include first communions, going out to restaurants such as Demos, bars such as Tootsies, BB Kings and The Stage. You can take a limo ride to tour Elvis Presley's favorite place to record, RCA Studio B and Jack Daniels Distillery. Bridgestone Arena for concerts and Nashville Predators NHL hockey are all favorite limo trips.

CMA Music Festival, NFL Titans and concerts at LP field are great limo outings.  

We offer hourly pricing starting at $80/hour & flat price round trip pricing starting at $150 & up from your home/hotel.

Limo Jon co-founded A Limo For You in 1999 and has driven thousands of people just like you, in Nashville and middle Tennessee ever since.